Lisbon, Portugal’s stunning capital, is a photographer’s dream come true. Imagine capturing the golden light as it bounces off the Tagus River, or the dramatic contrasts in the narrow cobblestone streets of the Alfama district!

The city’s blend of traditional architecture, modern street art, and vibrant colours offers endless creative inspiration. 

Whether you’re snapping photos by the iconic yellow trams, amongst the charming pastel-hued buildings, or with the historic Torre de Belém (Belem Tower) in the backdrop, pretty much every corner of Lisbon presents the perfect opportunity for a photoshoot. 

All of the above is why I decided Lisbon was the perfect place to book a photoshoot with Smiler. 

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This is a sponsored post in association with Smiler, who gifted me with the experience of a photoshoot in Lisbon. That said, any and all opinions shared in this post are completely my own.

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Why do a photoshoot in Lisbon

For a start, Portugal’s capital is a beautiful city, it’s hard not to get a great shot there. I mean, who wouldn’t love the setting of the pastel colours of Lisbon’s houses or panoramic views over the river? 

But there’s much more to this photoshoot than just capturing stunning views. A photoshoot with Smiler in Lisbon can help you get Instagram ready shots, build your professional portfolio or capture those special travel memories with loved ones and family. 

You can choose from some great locations together with your Lisbon-based photographer and you’re likely to have a few options depending on what kind of atmosphere you’d like to create the photos in. Whether it’s a romantic stroll through the maze of streets in Alfama or sitting by the waterfront, finding that perfect spot for each shot won’t be difficult – even if you’ve never been to Lisbon before. 

Plus, how often do you have your own personal photographer on your travels?

Miradouro de Santa Luzia photoshoot in Lisbon

Why choose Smiler for your Lisbon photoshoot

Smiler are a marketplace photography website which allows you to book a private photoshoot with a local professional photographer in various iconic cities throughout the globe. 

When you book a photoshoot with Smiler, you’re not just getting an amazing photographer – you’re also getting an experienced local guide. All of their photographers are professionals who have been thoroughly vetted and chosen for both photography skills and knowledge of the city. Plus, they’re locals so you can rest assured you’re getting the best photo spots in Lisbon (often hidden gems) for your photoshoot. 

Smiler also offers a wide range of packages, so you can pick what’s best for you and your budget – Standard, Premium and VIP. The packages differ between cities, but you can opt for a short 15 minute shoot if you just want a few professional photos or choose the VIP package for a 45 minute photo session if you want more photos and variety.  

The photographer will likely take lots of beautiful pictures and you’ll even have the option of purchasing more after your shoot if you happen to love them all! 

My Smiler photoshoot in Lisbon

Lisbon photoshoot - me standing by an old green door amidst greenery

I’ve always wanted to do a photoshoot on my travels. I’m not the best at selfie-taking and I often travel solo or with my mum (sorry mum – not the best photographer!), so it’s difficult to get a great shot. 

When I had the opportunity to try out Smiler, I jumped at the chance. I was able to choose which area I wanted the photo session to take place in Lisbon.

I chose the Alfama district as it’s right in the city centre and I had the feeling it would make the perfect backdrop for my photoshoot. I was right, the cobbled streets, gorgeous architecture and beautiful view really made for a stunning set of photos! 

The night before the photoshoot, I received a message from Smiler to let me know the photographer’s name and phone number. And on the day of the shoot, I received a message from Nelson, our photographer, letting us know he was at the meeting point. 

My mum and I had opted for an early morning shoot, so we could avoid the crowds as best as possible. If you can book the 9am slot, this is really the best time of day to avoid the many tourists Lisbon sees throughout the year. The morning light also added to the vibrant colours of the city coming through in our photos.

Once we met up with Nelson, we headed off to our first location – an enchanting old door, nestled amidst some greenery. I managed to catch a sneaky shot of Nelson photographing my mum while here.

Photographer taking a shot of mum during our photoshoot in Lisbon

It was a bit odd at first, posing and not knowing what to do, but Nelson made us feel really comfortable, so it didn’t take long to get into the swing of it. 

Mum and I on cobbled stairs Lisbon photoshoot

Next, we rounded a corner and came across a picturesque cobbled staircase, where we captured some more shots. By this stage, we had warmed up and were ready to really let go! 

Lying on a bench for a photoshoot in Lisbon

Our next spot was a beautiful corner of traditional houses and blooming flowers and a bench – I never need an excuse for a nap so I headed straight for the bench! 

Finally, we headed up to Miradouro de Santa Luzia, which is probably the most iconic spot in Alfama (and all of Lisbon, really). Just breathtaking views over the city. 

It was getting a little crowded by the time we got there (a little after 10am) but we still managed to get some great shots without any interruption. There were so many photo ops at the Miradouro de Santa Luzia – from the stunning views, to the beautiful wall mosaics, unique doors and blooming flowers. 

We eventually wrapped up the photoshoot and went our separate ways. The shoot had flown by – in fact, we all couldn’t believe how long we’d spent at it! Time definitely flies by when you’re having fun!

Best spots for a photoshoot in Lisbon

Smiler offer photoshoots in three different locations across the city:

  • Alfama: The cobbled streets, colourful buildings and beautiful views over the city make Alfama one of the best areas in Lisbon for a photoshoot. Whether you want something romantic or simply some picturesque shots to remember your trip by, this is an ideal spot. 
  • Belém Tower: A UNESCO World Heritage site and an iconic landmark in Lisbon, this impressive structure was originally built as a fortress to defend the city and has stood the test of time, providing a rich historical context to your photographs. Its unique Manueline architecture and the serene backdrop of the Tagus River make it a popular choice for couples and history buffs alike. Try to catch the golden hues of the setting sun here for some truly breath-taking shots.
  • Praça Do Comércio: The Praça Do Comércio is a large and bustling square in central Lisbon. It’s the perfect place for an outdoor photoshoot – with its grand 18th-century architecture and picturesque views of the River Tagus, it’s an ideal spot for any kind of shoot, especially group shoots.
Alfama photoshoot in Lisbon on cobbled streets

How to book a Smiler photoshoot

Once you’ve decided on your destination, booking a photoshoot with Smiler is easy! Just head to the website, select your preferred date and time and which package you’d like to opt for. 

It’s as simple as that! 

Smiler will then send you your booking confirmation and they’ll contact you ahead of your photoshoot with details of your Lisbon photographer (I recommend requesting Nelson – you won’t be disappointed!). 

Where else can you get a Smiler photoshoot

Smiler don’t just offer photo sessions in Lisbon, in fact they offer the service in various cities across Europe, Asia, Africa and the US! 

Some of the most popular locations are Paris, Amsterdam, London, Bangkok and New York, but there are tons of other locations available so best to have a browse through their website to see if your next travel destination is on the list. 

Alfama photoshoot in Lisbon with my mum

Tips for your photoshoot

  • Bring a prop: This was one thing Nelson said everyone should have for their photoshoot. Bring a hat, sunglasses or a fan that you can work with during your shoot. 
  • Wear a bright colour: A bold colour can really help make your photos pop, so try to pick an outfit that won’t blend into the background.
  • Don’t overthink it: At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and making memories. Don’t worry about looking perfect or getting the ‘perfect pose’ – just let your personality shine through.
  • Change it up: Switch your shoes out to high heels or put a cardigan on for a new look between shots.
  • Have fun: Don’t forget to enjoy yourself during the photoshoot! Smiler photographers are all experienced pros, and they know how to get those perfect shots. Have fun with it and you’ll end up with some amazing memories and some incredible photos to show off! 
  • Tip your photographer: It’s always a nice gesture to show your appreciation for the hard work of your photographer, especially when they go over and above like ours did. A small tip is a great way to say thanks and show that you appreciate the effort they’ve put into making sure you have an unforgettable experience. 


Smiler photoshoot in Lisbon pin

Should you book a photoshoot in Lisbon with Smiler?

Absolutely! I would definitely recommend Smiler for anyone looking for a unique way to capture their stay in Lisbon.

We had so much fun capturing little moments of our trip to Lisbon and Nelson was the perfect photographer for us. He was so patient and friendly, gave us helpful posing tips, acted as a private tour guide and ensured that we got some amazing shots throughout the morning. 

After the photoshoot, we received our photos the following day – they were superb! We even opted to purchase additional photos as we were so happy with the outcome. They really captured the atmosphere of our time in Lisbon, and we had so many fun memories to look back on. 

Smiler exceeded my expectations. It was such a great way to explore a new city!

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