Let’s be honest, we never like our travel photos to all have the same look. So, any way we can mix up an outfit is a bonus. And that doesn’t just go for clothes – swimwear is just as important!

But who wants to pack 4 different bikinis for a week long trip?

When I discovered Baiia reversible swimwear, I knew it was the perfect solution for my travels. Not only are there a variety of styles to choose from, but each piece gives you separates you can mix and match together. This means that with one bikini, you can end up with TWENTY plus unique looks while traveling. Talk about packing light!

In this article, I’m going to show you why Baiia reversible swimwear is the perfect choice for any traveler looking to pack light and still have a variety of looks.

And if it sounds like I’m a gushing fangirl, that’s because I really am. I purchased my first Baiia piece, the Tahiti, back in June 2022 and instantly knew I needed more!

Psst: If you stick around to the end, I’ve got a discount code just for you!

Disclaimer: A huge thanks to Baiia for sending me the Talum bikini and multiway dress in exchange for writing this article. As always, all opinions (and fan girl gushings) are my own!

Who are Baiia and what do they stand for

Baiia are an Australian-based women’s swimwear label that focuses on quality, sustainability and women empowerment.

Baiia is everything you want for a conscious and stylish wardrobe. Plus, they provide support for those of us with larger bust sizes – something that’s not always easy to come by.

Baiia’s philosophy is to empower women through fashion and create a product that not only looks great but also makes you feel good about yourself. They believe that fashion should be fun and inspiring, encouraging everyone to make their own unique style statement.

Their entire line of reversible bikinis are made from recycled materials (like fish nets and plastic bottles!), which makes them perfect for eco-conscious travellers. Their packaging is also made from 100% biodegradable materials. You can even compost the packaging at home!

Baiia packaging
Baiia sustainable packaging

Baiia swimwear review

When I received the Talum piece, I instantly knew how I wanted to show off its versatility – I had a staycation coming up that weekend just outside of Dubai and I had an upcoming trip to Antarctica! Bikinis aren’t just for the beach ladies!

All the way from Dubai…

Just an hour away from Dubai, in Ras Al Khaimah, I enlisted my ‘great with a camera’ friend to be photographer during our weekend staycation and we had a blast (thanks Rani)! 

Baiia reversible swimwear shower
Baiia reversible swimwear pool

I took the Talum top, the multiway dress (more on that later!) and a pair of jeans to get creative, giving me enough different looks for the whole weekend! I could just switch out the bottoms for a unique look every day.

Baiia reversible bikini top with jeans
Baiia Multiway dress
Baiia reversible bikini top with Talum multidress
Baiia reversible bikini top styled with jeans

I even managed to mix and match pieces from my other Baiia bikini to create additional looks.

Baiia reversible bikini (tahiti and talum)
The Tahiti and Talum bikinis mixed together

To the white continent of Antarctica…

Who brings a bathing suit to Antarctica?? I’ll have you know, there are multiple opportunities to don your swimsuit down there!

For a start, there’s the infamous polar plunge where you bravely (and safely) dive into the icy waters of Antarctica! Ice water is said to have amazing healing powers and, as someone with autoimmune issues, I had to give it a try. And, trust me, the feeling of being surrounded by a frozen world is something that you can’t get anywhere else.

What to wear in Antarctica: Polar Plunge
Polar pluge in Antarctica

I had full intentions of jumping in and spending a few minutes to bask in it – that didn’t happen! Instead I hopped out just as fast as I jumped in! Brrr…

The plan was to head to the steam room or hot tub (again – multiple opportunities to wear a bikini in Antarctica!) but I guess everyone else had the very same idea, so I had to run back to my room for a very long hot shower.

What makes Baiia Reversible Swimwear so great?

I touched on some of these earlier, but these are precisely the reasons I love Baiia Swimwear and why I’ll no doubt be a proud customer for life.

The versatility

If there are two things I love, it’s value for money and multifunctional things (like a bookshelf with fold down table, or a dress that can be worn as a skirt). I guess that’s why I’m so smitten with Baiia’s reversible swimwear, because it basically gives you a bunch of different bikinis for the price of one.

Here are just some of my favourite Baiia looks:

Baiia reversible swimwear options
Baiia reversible swimwear options
Baiia reversible swimwear options

The sustainability

When I found out that their swimsuits were made from recycled materials, it was an absolute no brainer for me.

For me, sustainability is not just a trend – it’s become an important part of my life. And that’s why I’m so passionate about supporting brands like Baiia who are making conscious efforts to create better products for our planet. 

The ethical views of the company

Not only are Baiia swimsuits made from recycled materials, but the company also ensures that everyone in their supply chain is treated fairly and paid a living wage. They are committed to being ethical, eco-friendly and socially responsible. None of that fast fashion rubbish here.

(If you’re not aware of fast fashion and the effect it has on the environment, I highly recommend checking out The True Cost documentary).

With Baiia, you can make an informed decision about the brands you support and trust that your money is going towards something meaningful. 

The quality

Most importantly, the quality of their swimwear is unbeatable. I was worried that since it was reversible, the fabric might be too thin or weak but no, it actually surprised me. It’s so strong and durable. In fact, if anything, it’s a little too strong! I had a little trouble negotiating it on to begin with but it just takes a little practice and I’d rather it be nice and snug than things be flopping around!

With bikinis, my biggest worry is that I won’t have enough support for the ‘girls’, but again, no problems there. While I needed to alter my straps because of my lack of shoulders, the tops fit really well and give me the right coverage in all the right places.

The community

Being part of the Baiia ‘family’ has been an absolute delight. Baiia has shown me that fashion can be stylish, sustainable and ethical – all at the same time! Not only do they care about our planet, but also their customers.

They are always positive, helpful and welcoming. They have a closed Facebook group where members can connect directly with each other, post their images and even get feedback on looks they create.

Other Baiia products I love

Along with the Talum 4-piece bikini, I was also sent the matching Talum multiway dress.  It looks great as a beach style dress, but can also be worn as a skirt, a shorter dress and even comes with additional straps you can use to transform the dress into a baby doll style!

Baiia Multiway dress
Baiia Multiway babydoll dress

The fabric is super soft, light and airy – perfect for those hot summer days. Of course you can always accessorise it with a jumper and boots to wear throughout the winter.

My favourite look with this multiway dress is to wear the tops of the bikini set and turn the dress into a skirt. Add a stylish hat and you’ve got a cute boho look!

Baiia Multiway dress and reversible bikini top
Baiia Multiway dress and reversible bikini top

Where to buy Baiia’s reversible swimwear

Don’t worry, no matter where you are in the world, Baiia can deliver directly to you from their online store. Or, alternatively, you can buy from the following stores near you:

Personally, I prefer to deal directly with Baiia themselves, but if you prefer to see the suits in person, then these stores should be able to assist you.

A few quick things to note

The Fit: While Baiia swimwear truly is great for every body shape and size, sometimes alterations need to be made (for example, I have almost no shoulders so always have to have things altered to shorten the straps). Baiia offer both a pre-fit and a post-fit virtual consultation to help you ensure you’ve got the right size. If any alterations need to be made, they’ll reimburse you to get these done within 60 days of your purchase!

Not a fan of a bikini?: If the word ‘bikini’ terrifies you, they also have a reversible wrapsuit which is amazing for a little extra coverage. It comes with one full piece and a separate top, both of which are reversible.

Sustainable swimwear for the kiddos and men: Who said the fun needs to end with women’s clothing? Baiia also have a range for the men and kids too (even the babies!).

The ultimate verdict

I think it’s pretty obvious from this review – I’m a huge fan of Baiia swimwear and honestly, if I could give them six stars out of five, I would.  Whether you are planning a tropical getaway or an icy polar plunge (I dare you!), Baiia’s got your back (and front) covered!

The quality and durability of their fabrics are unbeatable, they’re incredibly stylish and will fit pretty much any body shape and size. Plus, you can mix and match with your other favourite pieces to make so many different looks.

Now for the best part – Baiia have kindly given me a discount code to share with you all, just enter ‘VOURNEEN10’ at checkout to get 10% off your first order! Happy shopping!

Do yourself a favour and order a Baiia reversible bikini set today – you won’t regret it!

Happy shopping!


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