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Welcome to Snap Happy Spoonie!

Hello! Vourneen here – travel & adventure junkie, chronic illness warrior and proud Spoonie!

Snap Happy Spoonie is an award winning blog about my travels, dealing with numerous chronic illnesses along the way.

My goal is to inspire other Spoonies to travel the world, provide epic destination guides and share valuable tips and tricks for living a normal and fulfilling life.

Through Snap Happy Spoonie, I will be sharing my travel and chronic illness journey with you as I continue to tick things off my epic bucket list!

I hope that by reading this blog, you’ll get more confidence to get out there and explore the world too!

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The “Why” Behind Snap Happy Spoonie

The spoon theory was created by Christine Miserandino as she was describing to her friend what it was like living with chronic illnesses. Simply put, we all have a certain number of spoons representing energy each day. For someone with a chronic illness – a Spoonie – our spoons are limited.

If you are healthy, you have an unlimited number of spoons to spend each day. You can do pretty much anything you want with them, at any time of day.

However, if you are a Spoonie who is living with chronic illnesses, there is only a certain amount of spoons you can spend each day. If you use up your spoons too early in the day, there are consequences or repercussions.

It’s taken many years to get diagnosed and finally come to terms with my illnesses, but after a number of lifestyle changes, I still find time and energy for my greatest passion – travel.

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