Want to write for Snap Happy Spoonie?

I accept guest posts from fellow travel bloggers with their own website. If you’re a brand, product, hotel, SEO marketing agency, etc, I won’t be accepting a guest post. However, head over here to find our more about Sponsored Post opportunities.

I am most interested in the following types of guest posts:

  • 1-day itineraries
  • 3-5 day itineraries
  • Day trips from a location
  • Destination bucket lists
Living in Dubai as a woman: standing on a bridge crossing Dubai Marina

Guidelines for guest posting

  • Do thorough research before submitting a guest post idea. If you’re not sure if I’ve covered the topic before, you can use the search bar on my site.
  • You should come up with the topic for the guest post. It should compliment other articles I’ve written about that location or topic on my website.
  • Well researched keywords are highly encouraged! If the post ends up ranking, that’s also great for you, as you’ll gain traffic from your backlinks.
  • The article should be original and no part of it should appear anywhere else online. I’ll be checking this!
  • Please only write about somewhere you’ve already visited / lived in.
  • The article should be at least 2,500 words. Why? Because I don’t believe you can write an informed, thorough article in fewer words. Plus Google loves a long, informative post and Snap Happy Spoonie is all about helpful, detailed content.
  • Personality is key! Nobody likes reading a boring article, so make sure to inject your own personality and writing style into the post. Include personal anecdotes and experiences to make the post more engaging and relatable. Share tips and insights that only someone who has actually been to the destination would know.
  • Accuracy is also important. Please ensure that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Visuals are encouraged. Include at least 4 high-quality photos related to the topic of your guest post. These should be your own images. If you don’t have enough photos of your own, I’ll source stock images (although I would expect some of your own photos to be included in the article).
  • Please submit your guest post as a Word document or Google Doc link.
  • Include a brief author bio and photo at the end of your guest post.

What you get:

Now for the best part.

  • You get to include two do-follow links to your own personal travel blog. You can either link to your homepage or relevant articles on your site (however, these articles should not be in direct competition with articles I’ve written). Reach out if you’re not sure!
  • You should not include any affiliate or commercial links.

I reserve the right to edit any guest posts submitted for grammar, spelling or formatting errors, and to include any affiliate links.

If you’d like to enquire about guest posting on Snap Happy Spoonie, please email hello[at]snaphappyspoonie[dot]com with the subject Guest Post Pitch.

{for the email address, replace the [at] with @ and replace [dot] with a .

Can’t wait to hear from you!