Bali’s beaches are considered to be some of the best in the world. And if you’re headed to the Island of the Gods, particularly the Canggu area, and looking for some of the most s stunning beaches and natural beauty, you’re in the right place!

Canggu, once a hidden gem on Bali’s south coast, has transformed into a bustling hub in recent years. The community here is a wonderfully eclectic blend of locals and tourists.

The first thing you’ll notice about Canggu is its utterly relaxed vibe, easily felt as you stroll through its streets. The chilled echo of music sets a relaxed tempo, in contrast to the lively undertone of its night scene. 

But, without a doubt, the main attraction of Canggu is its beautiful beaches. 

In addition to being some of the best in the world, Bali’s beaches also offer a wide range of activities and experiences for visitors. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful spot to relax, surf schools to learn the art, or an adrenaline rush from water sports, Canggu’s beaches have it all.

So, keep reading to learn more about the best beaches in Canggu (and beyond)!

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A pinterest pin with a sunset view at Tanah Lot Temple in Bali, showcasing the serene beach, the temple silhouette on a cliff, and the golden sky reflected in the water. The text overlay says 'Best Beaches in Canggu Bali

1. Batu Bolong Beach

In Balinese, Batu Bolong actually translates to “rock with a hole,” which refers to the natural structure situated at the beach’s outskirts. The beach’s name also originates from the Batu Bolong temple located within the sandy region. 

Sunset view through the natural arch at Batu Bolong Beach in Canggu, Bali, with the silhouette of a cliff and trees against a dramatic sky, and smooth, long-exposure waves flowing onto the shore

Batu Bolong Beach is the most popular beaches in the Canggu area – easily understood! One of the unique characteristics of Batu Bolong Beach is its volcanic black sand (as opposed to the usual white sand beaches you’d expect of Bali).

The beach also sees incredibly high waves, making it perfect for surfers. The only downside is because it’s such a cool beach, it sees a lot of crowds. 

If you’re lucky, you might witness the Melasti ceremony, which is an event in Balinese Hindu culture. During the purification ritual, you can see women carrying multiple offerings to the gods on their heads and men holding shrines on their shoulders. It’s pretty cool to see. 

Where to Find Batu Bolong Beach

Batu Bolong Beach is about half a mile from the middle of Canggu. You can visit it via a rented scooter or taxi. Entrance to the beach is free, but you’ll have to pay a parking fee of 2000 Rp (around $0.15)

What to Do at Batu Bolong Beach

As mentioned above, Batu Bolong Beach’s most popular activity is surfing. If you’re a novice at the sport, you can rent a board and a teacher for surf lessons. If you already have some experience with the waves, you can just rent a board.

You can also swim, sunbathe, or explore the weekend market for souvenirs. It’s not the most comfortable beach, because of the rocky surface. I recommend wearing water shoes if you want to take a dip.

As nighttime approaches, the beach comes alive with DJ music and a fun party atmosphere. If loud music isn’t your thing, you can always enjoy a more quaint dinner at fine dining spots like MASON for European delicacies or Ji Restaurant for delicious Japanese cuisine.

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2. Pererenan Beach

Pererenan Beach and Batu Bolong are similar, in that they both have a stretch of black volcanic sand. But they have very different atmospheres. Batu Bolong is known for its lively ambiance, while Pererenan Beach has a more laid-back vibe, far from the tourist crowd.

Aerial view of Pererenan Beach in Canggu, Bali at sunset, with the sun dipping below the horizon casting a warm glow over the surf and dark, dramatic clouds overhead

The peaceful beach holds various activity opportunities such as surfing and board rentals. It also has many cafes and restaurants to try out.

That said, Pererenan Beach is more populated with locals than it is with tourists. This is why I like it! 

Where to Find Pererenan Beach

Pererenan Beach is located a short ten minutes away from Echo and Batu Bolong Beach. The shortest route from the Canggu centre involves taking a scooter. A car trip will take longer, (which is one of the reasons the beach isn’t filled with tourists).

What to Do at Pererenan Beach

Pererenan Beach is all about soaking up the sun and enjoying the incredibly serene sunset view. If you’re there with friends, I highly recommend bringing a picnic and lying around until nightfall.

Alternatively, you can also go surfing. You’ll want to take advantage of the robust waves in Pererenan Beach and rent a board.

Keep in mind that the beach spot doesn’t have many food stalls. Instead, you can find cold drinks like coconut water to cool you off from the Indonesian humidity.

If you didn’t bring a picnic with you and you find yourself hungry after hours of relaxation, take a walk around the street and find restaurants like Zali and Masmara.

3. Echo Beach

Echo Beach is also referred to as ‘Pantai Batu Mejan,’ particularly by the locals. The name comes from the temple located on the beach.

Golden hour at Echo Beach in Canggu, Bali, with people swimming and surfing in the waves, silhouetted figures on the shore, and palm trees in the soft, hazy background.

If you’re trying to catch up on a good book or some sleep, Echo Beach’s calm scenery and chilled atmosphere provides the perfect spot. 

You can have a day of relaxation, with little tourist action in sight, golden sand coastlines, and the sound of palm trees swishing with the wind (heaven has nothing on Echo Beach!).

Where to Find Echo Beach

If you’re in the Seminyak area, the ride to Echo Beach is around 35 km. It can take up to 30 minutes to get there by car, depending on traffic. If you’re already in the Canggu area, Echo Beach is easily accessible via scooter.

What to Do at Echo Beach

Echo Beach is one of the best places for advanced surfers in Bali.

The tall waves offer an ideal challenge to your surfing skills. Besides surfing, you can also participate in yoga classes or even spend your time working remotely in the provided co-working spaces!

COMO Beach Club Canggu is another great spot you need to check out at Echo Beach. It offers a calm dining experience by the pool and a chance to socialise. Plus, it prioritises eco-conscious efforts, which is always good in my books.

There’s also the boho-inspired club, La Brisa Bali, which hosts events like farmer’s markets and bazaars selling upcycled fashion and natural body care. Check it out if you have the chance. And on top of that, they have great menu options – give the Pan-Seared Barramundi or Char-Grilled Octopus if you go.

4. Pasut Beach

Pasut Beach Canggu is a must-visit for another black sand beach experience. While there’s the endless array of waves crashing on the shorelines to enjoy here, you can also watch local fishermen coming and going in their colourful boats.

The popular spot is also near a palm tree forest with a particular palm tree that’s caught a lot of social media attention (this is for you Instagrammers!). As the tree naturally curves downward, its bark abruptly sticks upward midway.

Tourists have taken to climbing the famed tree and taking pictures of the natural wonder. Please don’t do this – it’s only time before it ends up getting damaged by a tourist. 

Where to Find Pasut Beach

Pasut Beach is about 40 minutes north of Canggu by car. You can get to the beach with a scooter from Canggu, but it’ll take you about an hour to reach.

What to Do at Pasut Beach

Aside from admiring the colourful fishermen’s boats heading out in the morning, I recommend taking a bike ride across the shoreline. Pasut Beach’s sand is hard enough to support you.

Overall, this beach will take your vacation shots to the next level, whether it’s pictures of the sunset, palm trees, or boats. 

5. Seseh Beach

Seseh Beach is the perfect location for a more secluded beach adventure. You can walk along the black sand beach and enjoy the typical beach scene. Like Pererenan Beach and Echo Beach, you don’t have to worry about the crowd.

Bird's-eye view of Seseh Beach in Canggu, Bali, showcasing the contrast between the turquoise sea, dark volcanic sand, white surf, and the vibrant greenery of the adjacent residential area.

Where to Find Seseh Beach

Seseh Beach is on the northern side of Canggu, between Pererenan Beach and Cemagi Beach. It can take you around 20 minutes to reach from the centre of Canggu. Riding a scooter will take you a shorter time to reach the beach since you’ll make your way through the famous Bali traffic.

What to Do at Seseh Beach

Surfing is a popular option at Seseh Beach, but it’s not safe for beginners due to the harsh waves.

The lack of calm waters makes the beach a tough spot to leisurely swim as well. If relaxing is your goal, staying on the sandy coast is your best bet.

As for food, the beach has some great nearby restaurants. There’s the Organic Ocean Restaurant, which serves the most delicious fresh catch every day from the beach. The restaurant is within easy walking distance from the beach.

Another nearby flavour-packed seafood option is the local Warung Alus food stop. You won’t want to miss the fresh feast, including their mouthwatering Combo Grilled Lobster and Skewered Grilled Shrimp.

6. Nelayan Beach

Nelayan Beach is another tranquil spot. It’s ideal for meditating, doing yoga, or simply lying down on the soft, sandy coastline. Similar to Echo Beach, Nelayan Beach is a sanctuary for those wanting to scoot far from any hustle-and-bustle atmosphere.

When you get to the beach, you’ll only be asked to pay a small parking fee to support the local maintenance of the Canggu beach.

You won’t find many sun loungers here so I recommend bringing a large towel to lay on and perching an umbrella next to you for a little shade.

Where to Find Nelayan Beach

This Canggu beach is situated between two other beach hotspots, namely Batu Botong and Berawa Beach. It’s about a 15-minute ride away from the centre of Canggu.

What to Do at Nelayan Beach

Nelayan Beach has relatively calmer waters perfect for light swimming, compared to other Canggu beaches.

If you’re trying to get into surfing, you can start there. The small waves will give you a beginner-friendly push rather than the vigorous tides in Batu Bolong. There’s also windsurfing and other water sport activities at Nelayan Beach.

For a more relaxing option, you can go for yoga classes at Serenity Eco House. And if you want to catch a bite, you can head to Alkaline for a healthy vegan meal.

Speaking of food, Nelayan Beach hosts guided fishing trips where you can learn new fishing techniques while enjoying a calm boat ride and the turquoise water.

Besides that, digital nomads like to congregate around the beach’s cafes and co-working spaces. If you need to work while in Bali, try Zin Cafe.

7. Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach is mostly known for its water sports activities, including surfing and kite surfing. But if that doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, you can always lounge on one of the many sunbeds lining the one-kilometre black-sand coastline.

Silhouettes of a crowd gathering to watch the sunset at Berawa Beach in Canggu, Bali, with the sun casting a warm, golden hue over the water and sky, and birds flying in the distance.

The best time to visit the beach is during sunset where you’ll witness a gorgeous and pretty unforgettable view. Apart from the water sports and views, you can also explore the area’s surrounding facilities.

There are lots of spa facilities, including Korra Spa and Jamu Balinese Spa. They’re only a few minutes’ walk away and offer treatments like body scrubs, facials, or Balinese massage.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more active activities, Berawa Beach is situated near gyms like Body Factory Bali and ROAR Fitness Health. And, of course, there are many yoga spots, such as Odyssey Mvmt and Pranava Yoga.

As nighttime nears, you can explore Berawa Beach’s huge nightlife scene. This area hosts several clubs like Cafe del Mar, which has a massive infinity pool with amazing views of the beach.

The beachfront also has an outdoor stage area for live events and a Mediterranean restaurant.

Where to Find Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach is located around 15 km from Denpasar, between Seminyak Beach and Batu Bolong. It’s only a ten-minute walk from Echo Beach and Batu Bolong.

If you’re riding a scooter or car to Berawa Beach, I’d recommend parking nearby at Finns Beach Club as it gets quite crowded at the beach parking. Parking and entrance to Berawa Beach is free.

What to Do at Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach has several must-visit locations. You can take advantage of the beach’s shopping opportunity. You’ll want to check out the homewares shop, Bungalow Living, where you can browse intricately designed cushions, throws, and blankets. The store is also an art gallery and coffee shop.

There’s always people playing volleyball on this Canggu beach – feel free to ask to join. It’s a great way to meet new people!

There are also tonnes of beach parties where you can find DJ shacks unique to Berawa Beach. You’ll have many opportunities to socialise and party here.

Speaking of which, one of the most popular beach clubs in Berawa Beach include Finns Beach Club, which is an expat favourite that has many activity options, such as yoga classes. Or you can simply lay at the club’s beachfront and enjoy the view with a delicious meal.

The second popular beach club is Atlas Beach Club. It holds a record as the world’s largest beach club in the world. It’s also one of the largest entertainment establishments in the archipelago. You can catch live performances of Balinese dances and jam to some DJ sets.

8. Cemagi Beach

Cemagi Beach’s coastline is adorned with dense black sand and local villages. One of the best words to describe Cemagi Beach is quiet.

It’s further from the crowd and offers a change of pace from Canggu’s main beaches, where partying and surfing are more common activities. This beach is also surrounded by large rice terraces and local villages, making it a beautiful spot to hang out for the day.

Where to Find Cemagi Beach

Cemagi Beach is only about 16 minutes away from Canggu. You can hail a cab or go via scooter to the beach, which is close to Tanah Lot.

If you’re driving from Batu Bolong Beach, it’ll take about 20 minutes to reach Cemagi Beach. It’s a scenic route, where you can enjoy the vast rice terraces of Bali.

What to Do at Cemagi Beach

Not only does Cemagi Beach offer an ocean view and sandy shorelines, but a cultural experience as well. One of the most visited sites on the beach is Tanah Lot. It’s perfect for getting that Instagram shot and learning more about Indonesia’s historical roots.

The structure is an ancient Hindu shrine located above a cliff. It overlooks a colourful sunset backdrop – perfect for a meditation session!

Around the temple are other mini shrines surrounded by amenities and facilities serving tourists, including shops and restaurants. You can also visit the cultural park, where you’ll witness a breathtaking display of Balinese dances.

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