Whether you’re heading out for a family fun day, taking in the rays with the girls or planning a romantic beach picnic with your other half, we’ve got you covered with the best sand free beach mats for your needs.

With summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start adding accessories to your outdoor adventures. Sand resistant beach blankets are becoming more and more popular for beach days. Who wants to lie on a blanket with clumps of annoying sand getting into every nook and cranny?! With new technology, high quality, durable sand free mats are now readily available on the market, and we’ve researched the best of the best to make it easier for you to choose.


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If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick look at the best sand free beach mats we’ve found:

Before we delve further into the best sand free beach mats and blankets on the market, we should take a look at what to look for when choosing the right beach blanket for your needs.

Sand Free

There is nothing more uncomfortable than lying on clumps of sand on a blanket. Or finding sand everywhere after you leave the beach. Using a sand-free rug means that you can shake off all the sand at various intervals during the day to ensure you remain comfortable. It also means that you’re not taking home half the beach with you.


If you intend to double up the use of your sand-free beach mat as a picnic/camping/hiking blanket also, one of the most important things to consider is whether the beach mat is waterproof. What is the difference between a water resistant beach mat and a waterproof beach mat? Water resistant means that any droplets can be wiped away but large puddles of water can still seep through. Waterproof means that you can hold it over your head during a huge downpour and still remain bone dry underneath.


Another thing to consider when purchasing a sand free beach mat or blanket is the material used. A nylon parachute beach mat is the most durable and can easily resist sand and liquids, whereas a fleece blanket, while a softer material to lie on, will not be water resistant.


Do you need to spend a fortune when it comes to buying an amazing sand free beach mat? In short, the answer is no. Some of the better quality sand free blankets can cost up to $50, however these are usually made from extremely durable materials and even come with lifetime guarantees.


Whether you have a large family or just looking for a beach mat for you and your other half, be sure to check the sizing of any beach mat or blanket you’re going to buy. One thing to note in sizing descriptions, is that they often refer to how many fit on the blanket sitting down. So if sunbathing is your priority, you will want a larger blanket that fits people lying down.


If you’re going camping or hiking, you will want a beach blanket that travels well, fits in your backpack or ties easily to the outside of your bag. For beach days, you’ll want one that fits in your beach bag easily. As light as you want your beach mat for travel purposes, you will want to make sure that any lightweight blankets have sand pockets or anchor stakes to ensure they don’t lift at the first sign of wind. 

The Best Sand Free Beach Mats & Blankets

WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket

Measuring at 118″ x 110″ (300cm x 280cm), the WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket is perfect for the whole family to comfortably fit on. It’s made of high quality parachute nylon, making it extremely durable. It also comes with sand bags and stakes which means it won’t blow away or start billowing on windy days.

When you’re done for the day, just shake out the blanket to get rid of any sand or water. It’s quick and easy to pop back into the case, which is attached to the blanket so you’ll never lose it.

Top 3 reasons to love:

➢The sand pockets and stakes keep the blanket flat on the sand, even when its windy

➢It’s both a sand proof and water-resistant blanket

➢It’s machine washable and quick drying

UrbanEco Outdoors Lightweight Beach Blanket

This lightweight beach blanket fits into a small compact compression bag, making it easier to travel with.  But while it may be lightweight, this blanket is large enough to fit 4-5 adults comfortably. The UrbanEco sand free blanket is a quality beach blanket made of durable polyester, which lasts for years.

While it’s not 100% waterproof, it is somewhat water resistant and keeps any spills at bay.

Top 3 reasons to love:

➢It is puncture and tear resistant, given it’s durable polyester construction

➢It has a hidden pocket where you can store your valuables safely

➢This blanket comes with a lifetime replacement policy so you know they stand behind their product

ISOPHO Beach Blanket

This is a great blanket for travel, camping, hiking and picnics. It comfortably fits 3-5 adults and after folding weights only 0.35kg.

This beach mat has multi-functional uses, such as a rain shelter, backpack cover, emergency travel mat, picnic blanket, water resistance tarp, beach blanket, pocket blanket and waterproof barrier. It is more waterproof than an umbrella!

Top 3 reasons to love:

➢It comes with four fixed anchors to secure it to the ground / sand so it’s not disturbed by wind

➢At $19.99, this is one of the more budget friendly options for a sandless beach mat

➢It’s multi-functional use means you’re not limited to using it only for the beach.

ECCOSOPHY Sand Proof Beach Blanket

Add a bit of color to your beach accessory list with one of these ECCOSOPHY Sand Proof Beach Blankets. It’s made from breathable, soft yet durable parachute nylon. Folds out to an extra large size, but fits into a compact pouch for ease.

There is also a safety pocket attached to the blanket where you can store your valuables without worry.

Top 3 reasons to love:

➢This blanket comes in a variety of different colors so you can easily spot your blanket on the beach

➢There are two anchor systems to keep the beach mat grounded – corner sand bags and stakes

➢It’s heat resistant so you won’t get extra hot lying on this blanket

Hiwoss Sand Free Beach Blanket

At 95″ x 80″ you can fit the whole family or crew on this extra large lightweight blanket. Sand slides right off this beach mat so it’s perfect for any beach day.

This blanket isn’t exactly waterproof, but it is water resistant, meaning that droplets of liquid can be wiped away easily.

Top 3 reasons to love:

➢Fits back into its mesh sack very easily after use

➢Super lightweight so easily transportable

➢Four corner pockets to prevent the blanket from blowing away

Alphabeing Beach Blanket

This sand proof beach mat is also water proof. Water and liquid droplets roll right off it. If sand gets onto the mat during your beach day, simple brush or shake it off easily.

The blanket has built in corner pockets and comes with 6 stakes to keep it grounded when windy.

For any sunscreen stains, this blanket is machine washable and very quick drying.

Top 3 reasons to love:

➢This blanket comes in two different sizes so you can cater for the whole family or just you and your other half

➢It is water resistant and water beads roll off the beach mat quickly

➢This product comes with a lifetime guarantee for any durability issues

Merisny Beach Blanket

The Merisny Beach Blanket is durable but has a silky soft touch to it at the same time.  It is a completely sand free and waterproof beach blanket.

The blanket comes with a carry caribiner, a storage pouch, and 6 x stakes to keep it grounded

Top 3 reasons to love:

➢It only weights 16oz so is easily transportable for beach days, camping, hiking and picnics

➢The blanket is completely sand free and waterproof

➢It comes with a variety of accessories

Angemay Sand Proof and Waterproof Beach Mat

While it may not be as compact as a lot of the other sand free beach mats on the market, the Angemay Sand Proof Beach Mat folds up into an easily transportable carry bag with a built in handle.

This blanket is completely waterproof and sand proof.

Top 3 reasons to love:

➢It can be used at the beach, for a picnic, camping, as a baby play mat or an emergency blanket

➢Has a beautiful striped colorful design to it so you can easily spot it on the beach

➢Its easy to clean. Simply wipe any water, sand, grass or dirt off it.

WIWIGO Sandproof Beach Blanket

This oversized sand free beach mat can fit up to 4-7 adults sitting and is perfect for the beach, camping or hiking. It’s a multi-purpose blanket so can be used for any type of trip.

It’s made of strong nylon material and is durable and breathable.

Top 3 reasons to love:

➢Its extremely lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport for camping or hiking adventures

➢Easy to clean off sand, dirt and water and is machine washable and quick drying

➢It’s not just water resistant, it’s completely waterproof.

CGear Sandlite Sand Free Beach Mat

The CGear Sand Free Mat comes in three different sizes so you can cater for any size group. It has patented sand-free technology which offers versatile, cutting-edge comfort.

CGear offers high quality beach mats. It’s technology was initially created for the military so they have been made to withstand a lifetime of use.

Top 3 reasons to love:

➢It has various designs, colors and sizes to choose from

➢Folds quickly into a travel bag with a built in handle

➢Dry sand easily seeps through the material.

A sand free beach mat or blanket is an essential item to add to your beach day accessories, picnic days or camping adventures. Hopefully this guide has given you a better insight into what to look for when buying the perfect beach mat for your needs, but let us know if you have any questions below.

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