Are you about to take the most epic trip of your life and not sure what to wear in Antarctica? No need to worry about freezing your little toes off! With a few essential pieces of clothing, you can explore the icy continent in style (well, as stylish as a parka and snow pants can make you look) and comfort.

I ticked Antarctica off my bucket list in January of 2023 when I celebrated my 40th birthday. We actually did our first landing there on my birthday – epic! After a few days of being there, I created this comprehensive guide to help you figure out exactly what to wear in Antarctica.

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I suffer from the cold. So much so, that my friends and family all questioned my sanity when I said I was going to Antarctica. They laughed at the thought of me spending days and nights outside in one of the coldest places on earth.

Funny thing was that it was colder in Ireland than it was in Antarctica! More on the weather later.

This is a complete list of the essential items you’re going to need for your once in a lifetime experience – whether it’s what to wear in Antarctica, what to pack for around the ship or your must have accessories, I’ve covered all basis here!

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What’s the weather like in Antarctica

Weather in Antarctica - Snowing

The weather in this polar region is certainly something to talk about! It’s the land of the midnight sun, where temperatures can dip down to negative 60 degrees Celsius and conditions are so extreme snow remains on the ground year-round. Even the bravest of adventurers would say “brrr!”.

But don’t worry friends – summer brings with it days of beautiful sunshine, perfect for whale watching and sightseeing!

That said, we faced some changeable weather while we were there.

For example, the night we were leaving the ship to camp out for the night on the snow, it was snowing / raining as we got onto the zodiacs. We were all feeling a little ‘meh’ about our camping experience at this stage.

But, by the time we reached land (literally 5 minutes away), the snow and rain had stopped and we had the best weather of our trip for the remainder of the night!

Weather in Antarctica - clear and dry
Camping overnight at Jougla Point

Starting out from Ushuaia, the cold weather begins to hit as you head through the Antarctic Peninsula. The farther south you go, the colder it gets. As you’ll likely be doing your Antarctic cruise during the summer months, the average temperature will be around 0 degrees Celsius (not as cold as you thought, right?).

What to wear in Antarctica

Having layers of warm clothes is key to keeping yourself warm and comfortable in Antarctica.

For those in the back…LAYERS ARE KING!

As I mentioned before, my friends and family thought I was insane going to Antarctica. Given that I’m the person sat on the couch with an electric blanket over me to keep me warm most evenings (and I live in Dubai), you could understand why they were questioning how I, of all people, would be warm enough.

Let me tell you… I didn’t feel cold once. Even when doing one of the add-on excursions – camping out on the snow for a night!

That said, I did overpack. So I’m in a great position to share exactly what’s needed for your expedition gear and what you can leave behind.

If you don’t have time to read the full article right now, you can download the full Antarctica packing list straight to your inbox below (and read the article later!).

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